Rouger: Taylor

What is your background with makeup? I have worked on everything from TV to runway shows, currently I specialize in creating custom-blended make-up.   What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? Mascara! it gives me life.   What do you like to do when your not working? I love doing creative things... [More]

Rouger: Jessika

What is your background with Makeup? I used to draw a lot as a kid and spent a big part of my life dancing ballet. Along with ballet, makeup was something we had to do for performances and most of the time I would do my friends’ makeup as well. After high school, I decided... [More]

Rouger: Rebecca

What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? Eyeliner!! While I never leave the house without mascara on I never truly feel ready for the day without my eyeliner! It can be subtle, bold or fun, and it always gives me the confidence I want when I leave the house!   What do... [More]

Rouger: Jessey

What’s your favorite makeup product that you can’t live without? I use to be an eyeliner junkie. You would never see me anywhere without thick eyeliner. My motto was when all else fails wing it out. The more I work at Rouge the more I have learned about applying makeup. Nowadays, you would never see... [More]

Rouger: Sarah

What is your background with Makeup I’ve never worked in make-up as an artist, but I learned the most about the process of applying it when doing theater as a performer in a past life. I’m on life number three now, but I still understand the mechanics. Except for lightening my grip on a make-up... [More]

Rouger: Megan

What is your background with Makeup? I experimented with make-up in college.  I was a no fuss, athlete type all through primary school, but when I went to college to get my degree in musical theatre, make-up was definitely something I had to learn to be comfortable with.  They even offered a class for it. ... [More]

Back To School Time

It’s back to school soon.  And as the mother of a soon to be Kindergartener I have the pleasure of indulging in the ‘new box of crayons.’  But what about the grown up version of a fresh, pointy box of colors to play with?  Kids shouldn’t get all the fun.  It’s time to add to... [More]

Rouger: Alyosha

What is favorite Rouge memory? My favorite Rouge memory is simply walking through the doors!!! It has such charm, and has a great energy about it. It really makes you feel beautiful just by being inside its walls!   What do you like to do when you are not working? My favorite thing to do... [More]

Rouger: Claudia

What is your background with Makeup? It began when I seemed to be the go-to friend on occasions especially Halloween, so I went to school to follow up on my interest in beauty.   What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? I wouldn’t be able to live without filling in eyebrows! I... [More]
  There is the beach, and then there are the beaches of the Hamptons.  In the Hamptons, the water and sand are no excuse not to look your most fabulous.  And I always feel my most fabulous when I am not suffering from second degree burns.  So sunscreen is a must. I happen to love... [More]

Rouger: Erdan

What do you like to do when you are not working? I am a huge couch potato but when I’m not being lazy, I dance ballet and clean my house:)   What is your favorite Rouge memory? Playing with makeup and getting to work with lovely people everyday!   Where are you from and what brought... [More]
  The eternal question…How do I take my makeup from day to night while I am at the office and I don’t have time to come to Rouge? The easiest answer is to pick either 1.) Eyeliner or 2.) Lipstick.  Upping the oomph factor of the liner or the lip are the two single fastest... [More]

Rouger: Chelsea

What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? Definitely mascara! It makes all the difference. Even if I don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup on myself, mascara always makes me feel confident. My favorite at the moment is Physicians Formula Eye Boost Instant Lash Extensions!   What do you... [More]

Rouger: Jenny

What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? There really isn’t one specific makeup product that I cannot live without, I can’t live without makeup period!  I love it!   What do you like to do when you are not working? Because I have only been in NYC for roughly a year, much... [More]

Rouger: Yana

What is your background with makeup? I was always the artistic/creative kid growing up and dreamed about working behind the scenes of major movies while watching the Oscars and seeing people win awards for makeup and costume design. After graduating college with a degree in Psychology I attended Make-Up Designory in New York City, completing... [More]

Instagram Makeup vs. Fashion Makeup

While I have limited patience for a lot of the youtube makeup videos out there (I already live it, so watching makeup applications in real time is not how I chose to spend my free time) Jessica S. recently showed me one that I found very interesting from the very talented Linda Hallberg.  She discusses the... [More]
When I started working at Rouge I never realized it would shape my definition of beauty. Over the years, I was the go to girl for makeup. My friends would line up at my college desk before a night out asking if I had time to do their makeup.  Some of these girls rarely would... [More]

Rouger: Dana

  What is your favorite makeup product you cannot live without? The makeup product I cannot live without is Kimiko Hydrating Tint. It is so much more than a tinted moisturizer. It’s lightweight, gives great coverage, and has SPF 20 to boot! If I was stranded on a deserted island, this is the one thing... [More]